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Kelmer Argentina S.R.L. was born in 1995 in the hands of professionals with extensive experience in the field of animal nutrition, with the aim of offering a personalized service that answers to the needs of the agricultural sector. On this basis, we have developed a full range of products and services dedicated to optimizing livestock production.

Aware of the responsibility this entails, Kelmer Argentina has invested in developing cutting-edge technology projects, allowing to obtain products of the highest quality and reliability.

Personal contact and commitment to our customers comes one of the hallmarks of Kelmer Argentina.

We could say and tell infinite qualities about our products, but we like to be honest about what we do: we sell premixes and feed cores. We are not the only ones to do it, but how we do it makes us different.

Come and meet us, to live our daily lives and especially to discover what makes us experts in animal nutrition.